Heat It To Beat It 2023

Iris's Legacy

Welcome Everyone!

This September, our family will be participating in the 14th Annual “Heat It To Beat It” event and would like to make our other family and friends a part of it too! This event was launched fourteen years ago to raise awareness and funds for research for a unique surgery and treatment of abdominal cancers.

 We are participating in Heat It To Beat It in honor of our late family matriarch, Iris Thomas, who fought this disease for several years. The time, care, and attention she received during her battle at Mercy gave her 15 1/2 more years of life than her initial life expectancy. We're forever grateful and supportive of the Mercy team as they make strides in advancement for treatments.

The spread of cancer throughout the abdomen is known as peritoneal carcinomatosis (PC). A treatment called Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) is a highly effective, concentrated, heated chemotherapy that is delivered directly to the abdomen immediately after the surgical removal of advanced abdominal cancers. HIPEC helps eliminate any remaining cancer cells following the surgical removal of the disease. 

“Heat It To Beat It” refers to this heated chemotherapy that we use, which is essential in beating this type of cancer! This event is our vehicle to raise awareness and the necessary funds to continue advancing medicine through research and promoting this life saving treatment.

The Institute for Cancer Care at Mercy is one of the top medical institutions in the United States that offers HIPEC treatment and is dedicating extensive research to increase HIPEC awareness and understanding within the medical community.

I hope you will consider supporting this important cause by joining my team, registering to participate, or by directly making a donation!

Your support is definitely appreciated! God Bless!

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