Heat It To Beat It 2023

Team Druffel Shuffle

Hello Family and Friends!!

I'm excited to celebrate a wonderfully healthy year for John by participating in this year’s “Heat It To Beat It” fundraiser! Dr. Sardi continues to be a fantastic doctor ready to answer any questions we have, keeping an eye on all of John's routine tests, and guiding John through his life as a survivor.  

Several friends and colleagues this year reached out to me for help on how to navigate recently-diagnosed abdominal cancers. Dr. Sardi and his staff have been very responsive and able to assist in getting them quick diagnosis and proper treatment. Dr. Sardi is very aware that early diagnosis and referral to appropriate treatment saves lives. To address this, he has started a new program within his nonprofit, Partners for Cancer Care and Prevention (PFCCAP), to focus on helping get those with abdominal cancers the right information quickly - it is called the Abdominal Cancers Alliance. Below is an extract of an upcoming press release about this effort.

This year I am raising money for two causes: one focused on medical research and one focused on patients - feel free to pick one that means the most to you! I will be personally matching all funds raised to both programs.

Heat It to Beat It - the walk sponsored by Mercy Hospital to raise money for research at Mercy’s Institute for Surgical Oncology.

    Donate here: Team Druffel Shuffle


Abdominal Cancers Alliance - the new program by PFCCAP to create a patient-led central hub for education and connections to resources available for abdominal cancers.

    Donate here: PFCCAP Online Donation form (put Team Druffel Shuffle in the comments box so I know to match the donation!!)   https://app.etapestry.com/onlineforms/PartnersforCancerCareandPreve/donate.html


If you will be in the Baltimore area the weekend of Sept 22, 23, 24, check out the events that support these great causes.

Helicopter Ball Drop - virtual event Friday morning, watch on Facebook live but you don’t need to be present to win. Buy a golf ball (or a few) for a chance to win 2 round trip Southwest tickets for closest to the pin or $350 for furthers from the pin.  

     Buy Entry Here: https://www.pfccap.org/helicopter-ball-drop

Golf Outing - Friday Sept 22 play a lovely day of golf at Waverly Woods (registration closes soon): https://www.pfccap.org/golf-outing-info

HIPEC Survivor Talent Show - Saturday evening Sept 23 at the McManus Theater at Loyola University Maryland come see 11 incredible HIPEC patients perform a variety of talents - a time to celebrate survivorship and demonstrate quality of life after HIPEC.  

     Buy Tickets here: https://www.pfccap.org/talent-show

Heat It to Beat It walk - donate online to the walk


I hope you will support team Druffel Shuffle in our efforts to raise money to continue the research into John's rare cancer (of the appendix) and promote connections and education about it.  As before, we will match all donations dollar-for-dollar!  We hope to make a difference with the money we raise to continue advancing medicine through research and promoting this life saving treatment.  

Thank you!!


About the Abdominal Cancers Alliance

Building on the success in the areas of breast and cervical cancers abroad, PFCCAP is expanding its programs to include resources for abdominal cancers in North America. PFCCAP is assembling a network of people and organizations to connect patients to resources and lifesaving treatment options, improving the outcomes for patients and families of those with a variety of intra-abdominal cancers in advanced stages(such as appendix, colon, small bowel, mesothelioma, ovary, uterine, and fallopian tube).

This network is known as the Abdominal Cancers Alliance and its mission is to be the patient-led central hub for education and connections to resources available for abdominal cancers, including the lifesaving Cytoreductive Surgery and Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (CRS/HIPEC) treatment option.While this is not a treatment option for every cancer patient in an advanced stage, it has proven successful for increasing survival and a cure for many patients.


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