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Surgical Oncology Research

Dr. Andrei Nikiforchin, Dr. Ekaterina Baron, Dr. Carlos Munoz at the
Advanced Cancer Therapies conference in Orlando Florida in February

The comprehensive HIPEC program at Mercy is a highly specialized referral center, reaching patients throughout the United States with over 900 HIPEC procedures performed. Our clinical team consists of surgical oncologists, medical oncologists, physician assistants, nurses, and other specialists working together to provide the best possible treatment and care for our patients.


Dr. Armando Sardi and colleagues, Dr. Vadim Gushchin and Dr. Kurtis Campbell, are widely recognized for their HIPEC expertise and lead the research department of surgical oncology. The research team consists of a study coordinator, a research nurse coordinator, research scholars, and a research advisor. The team manages the clinical trials and research studies, performs medical literature reviews, and conducts data collection and analysis with the intent to publish in major medical journals and present at medical symposia. 

The research scholar program aims to train future researchers to better expand the knowledge available to both the scientific and the medical communities, leading to better cancer care and management. 

Our objective is to educate general practitioners, general surgeons, and surgical and medical oncologists on HIPEC treatment for advanced cancers with peritoneal spread. We are able to increase HIPEC awareness in the medical community through our:

  • Clinical research trials/studies
  • Data presentation at national and international conferences
  • Publication of our work in major medical journals with 15 publications in 2020

This work will ultimately lead to timely referrals and the appropriate care with improved patient outcomes. Through our research efforts, we aim to increase HIPEC education and awareness as a life-saving treatment option in cancers with peritoneal spread.


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